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Combine Nirvana's iconic "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Seitz's Viola Concerto in C minor, and original music to create an arc from anxiety and fear to resilience and strength. Includes full soundscape and sound effects files.

  • Pre-Show - an ambient soundscape draws the audience into the production before the first note is played
  • Darkness Creeps - an angsty, powerful opener, featuring a saxophone (or other woodwind) soloist
  • Retreat - a soft opening leads to a lyrical duet based on Seitz's Viola Concert in C minor, followed by a full ensemble climax
  • Unbreakable - a thrilling closer full of determination and resolve, featuring a snare solo (or section feature) and an exciting conclusion

Prime Series

Originally commissioned by the Snider High School Band, Jordan Cain, director.

Due to the inclusion of copyrighted material, the performing group must obtain appropriate licensing. We recommend using Tresona's convenient online system for securing copyright permission.

This show does not include a full percussion arrangement, only a minimal outline written by the winds arranger as part of the original commission. If you are interested in commissioning a percussion arrangement customized for your ensemble, please contact us!

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Instrumentation Price*
Winds with percussion outline$2,000

*This show includes copyrighted material. Performing groups are required to obtain appropriate licensing - contact us for more info.


We can customize any show to fit your needs. For significant modifications or additions to our shows, contact us for a Customization Quote. Our writing calendar fills up as the year goes on, so the sooner your request is received, the better!

Show package includes:

  • PDF files for full score and all parts
  • MP3 audio recording of the full show
  • Individual .wav files for any triggered sound effects or pre-shows. MainStage files available upon request.
  • Minor modifications to fit your band (for example: moving a solo to a different instrument, swapping music to a different section, adding/removing bass drums from battery, reinforcing a musical line, etc.)
  • Private password protected web page containing all files for digital download
  • Exclusive performance rights within your band's classification group at events you attend (ask about our Reservation Form for more details)
  • Performance permission for one full season (typically ending in November)
  • If you buy the winds score and plan on using your own percussion arranger, we can offer Finale/Dorico/MusicXML files upon request