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Additional Services

Custom Show Music Commissions

Each year we have a limited number of spots available for music commissions. We will create customized compositions and/or arrangements specifically tailored to your ensemble, complete with electronic samples and sound effects when appropriate and requested. Whether you're just starting out in the design process or already have a fully formed concept, we can offer design assistance to help bring your ideas to life. Be sure to contact us early in the year to reserve a commission slot, as things tend to fill up quickly as summer approaches.

Soundscape and Sound Effects Design

Increasingly, electronic sound effects and "soundscapes" are being used to add depth and atmosphere to marching arts performances. However, it can be hard to find sound designers who understand the unique challenges of blending these elements with winds and percussion, especially outdoors. Although our custom commission clients receive electronic sound design as part of the commission (when requested), we also offer this as a standalone service for other groups. Contact us for more information about custom sound design for your show.

Visual Design

If you need to have drill written for one of our shows, or if you're looking for visual designer recommendations, please contact us. We maintain strong relationships with a number of experienced designers. Due to time constraints from the number of music commissions we take, Alex is only able to take on a handful of drill clients each year, and he only writes drill for his own arrangements/compositions. If you are interested in having Alex design your drill, be sure to let us know as early in the season as possible.