Take your audience on a journey from darkness to light in this versatile, highly dynamic show featuring the music of Verdi, Rush, and original material.

  • The Darkness - This intense opener is sure to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. Features the Dies Irae from Verdi's Requiem.
  • Find Your Light - An alto flute soloist (or other appropriate instrument) leads this contemporary rendition of the famous childrens' song "This Little Light of Mine" into a flourishing climax.
  • Let it Shine - An energetic and upbeat arrangement of Rush's iconic "Tom Sawyer" brings this show to an exciting close. Feature your best woodwind soloist!

Difficulty: Advanced Level

Originally commissioned by the Carroll High School Band, Ft. Wayne, IN. Doug Hassell, director.

Due to the inclusion of copyrighted material, the performing group must obtain appropriate licensing. We recommend using Tresona's convenient online system for securing copyright permission.

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Instrumentation Price*
Winds with percussion outline$1,250
Winds & Full Percussion$2,000

*This show includes copyrighted material. Performing groups are required to obtain appropriate licensing - contact us for more info.

Show package includes:

  • PDF files for full score and all parts
  • MP3 audio recording of the full show
  • Individual .wav files for any triggered sound effects or pre-shows
  • Minor instrumentation/orchestration adjustments (moving a solo to a different instrument, etc.)
  • Private password protected web page containing all files for digital download
  • Exclusive performance rights within your band's classification group at events you attend (ask about our Reservation Form for more details)
  • Performance permission for one full season (typically ending in November)
  • If you buy the winds score and plan on using your own percussion arranger, we can offer Finale/MusicXML files upon request