Stone and Light

Combines original music with themes from Bach and Palestrina, evoking the creation of a cathedral over 3 distinct movements.

  • Iron and Stone - begins with a brass chorale performing Palestrina's Kyrie from Missa Papae Marcelli, followed by a massive climax, mixing excitement and gravitas. The energetic opener includes chant-like low brass melodies, woodwind and upper brass flourishes, and energetic punctuations from the full ensemble.
  • Light - an original piece based on the first phrase of a Bach chorale (commonly associated with the hymn "Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light"), features a soprano sax solo, but could fit any woodwind.
  • Majesty - as all the disparate pieces of the cathedral come together, this movement features a long, dynamic build to the finale, featuring original music.

Difficulty: Intermediate Level

Originally commissioned by the Concordia High School Band, Fort Wayne, IN. Adam Friederich, director.

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Show package includes:

  • PDF files for full score and all parts
  • MP3 audio recording of the full show
  • Individual .wav files for any triggered sound effects or pre-shows
  • Minor instrumentation/orchestration adjustments (moving a solo to a different instrument, etc.)
  • Private password protected web page containing all files for digital download
  • Regional exclusivity based on your primary circuit and class, BOA/WGI exclusivity based on individual contests
  • Performance permission for one full season (typically ending in November)
  • If you buy the winds score and plan on using your own percussion arranger, we can offer Finale/MusicXML files upon request